TER News

  • New paper in Global Biogeochemical Cycles


    Microbial nitrogen dynamics in organic and mineral soil horizons along a latitudinal transect in Western Siberia. Wild, B., Schnecker, J., Knoltsch, J., Takriti, M., Mooshammer, M., Gentsch, N., Mikutta, R., Eloy Alves, R.J., Gittel, A., Lashchinskiy, N., Richter, A. Global ...

  • FWF project micrON


    We congratulate Wolfgang Wanek, who received funding for the FWF project “micrON - Environmental controls of microbial organic nitrogen cycling in soils“

  • Research Network Chemistry meets Microbiology

    Research Network "Chemistry meets Microbiology"


    Members of the Faculty of Chemistry and the Department of Microbiology and Ecosystem Science teamed up for a novel transdisciplinary research unit. The Research Network "Chemistry meets Microbiology" (cmm) serves as nucleus to foster the research initiatives Microbiome Ecology and ...

  • Welcome Amanda!


    We welcome Amanda Daly, from Stuart Grandy’s Lab at the University of New Hampshire, who joins TER for a year to study the effect of microbes and soil fauna on soil nitrogen transformations. Amanda receives NSF-FWF GROW funds to ...