TER Welcomes New Assistant Professor Mark Anthony


We are proud to announce the appointment of Dr. Mark Anthony as an Assistant Professor (Tenure Track) within TER. As an accomplished researcher in fungal ecology and evolution, Mark brings expertise in the complex roles of fungi in forest ecosystems and their response to global environmental changes. His recent achievements include the Swiss National Science Foundation Ambizione Fellowship and a WWTF Vienna Research Groups for Young Investigators grant.

Mark’s work leverages genomic tools to explore the ecology of fungi, particularly focusing on their impact on forest productivity and soil carbon storage. His research spans multiple trophic levels, delving into the interactions among fungi, prokaryotes, plants, and animals. A significant portion of his work addresses the response of soil fungi to environmental changes such as invasive species and global warming.

Prior to joining TER, Mark was an Ambizione Fellow at the Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL. He completed his postdoctoral research at ETH Zürich and holds a PhD in Environmental System Sciences from the University of New Hampshire.

Mark’s arrival at CeMESS marks a significant enhancement in the research capabilities of the TER, particularly in the areas of fungal ecology, plant-microbe symbioses, and global change biology