In memoriam Roland Albert (27.9.1945 - 11.8.2022)

portrait picture of Roland Albert

We mourn the loss of our highly esteemed colleague, mentor, and friend Roland Albert. A plant physiologist and ecologist, he conducted his research with great dedication and an outstanding enthusiasm for communicating his knowledge on ecological relationships. He inspired numerous colleagues and left a lasting mark on university studies. After a short and serious illness, he passed away on August 11. Our condolences go to his family and all those who were friends of his.

After completing his doctoral thesis with Helmut Kinzel in plant physiology, Roland Albert conducted research on how plants physiologically adapt to their environment, especially to various soil factors. He was particularly interested in physiological and morphological adaptations of plants to saline sites, such as in the Seewinkel and in desert areas, to which he regularly traveled until recently. He played a leading role in the development of the so-called ‘physiotype’ concept, which combines phylogenetic and physiological concepts. Applied research was also close to his heart: he made important contributions to the understanding of how trees are affected by air pollutants and how trees in urban areas are affected by salt spreading during winter.

Roland Albert demonstrated an extraordinary commitment to ecology and the environment. He played a leading role in developing the ecology curriculum at the University of Vienna in the 1990s and was its coordinator for many years. A solid education in the basics of ecology and interdisciplinary courses on the environment and sustainability were of particular concern to him.

Roland Albert himself was an excellent and highly esteemed teacher who enthusiastically passed on his knowledge of plants and ecological interactions to generations of students and school teachers on countless field trips and field courses.

His support also played an essential role in the foundation of the research station La Gamba in Costa Rica, to which he remained connected even after his retirement.

With Roland Albert we lose a cheerful, open, and helpful person and colleague, who took time for everyone and who always had an open ear.

The ceremonial farewell will take place on Tuesday, August 30, 2022, at 1 p.m. at the ‘Feuerhalle Simmering’ (Room 2, 1110 Vienna, Simmeringer Hauptstraße 337).
An entry in the book of condolence is possible from 12:30 pm. The urn will be buried at a later date in the closest circle of the family in the ‘Wald der Ewigkeit’ under a beech tree.

Obituary for Roland Albert in German