Conference addresses human impact on the Arctic

Snow/ice mountain on the horizon, in front of it deep dark water

For the Arctic Science Summit Week (ASSW), about 700 polar scientists are currently meeting in Vienna. Researchers from TER are not only actively participating in the conference, but also sharing their expertise through the media. Andreas Richter explained the importance of Arctic research, among others, in an interview with the ORF television programme Wien heute. Victoria Sophie Martin spoke about her experiences as a polar researcher in the "Passt Show" on the radio station fm4.

Since last week and until Friday, 24 February, international researchers have been discussing their research. The conference is organised by the International Arctic Science Committee (IASC). This year's summit is hosted by the Austrian Polar Research Institute (APRI), which also includes a number of scientists from the University of Vienna. Andreas Richter is Executive Secretary of the research consortium. One of his key research interests lies in Arctic soil carbon storage and the permafrost-climate feedback. Victoria Sophie Martin is a PhD student in his research group investigating the temperature adaptation of polar microorganisms.

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