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We are hiring a PhD Student!

Soil Microbiome Physiology and Microbial Interactions under Global Warming

We are looking for a PhD student who is interested to elucidate in-situ metabolic capabilities and life-history traits of microbial taxa and their possible change in a future climate and use individual-based microbial community modelling to explore interactions among microbial groups and their response to warming.
The prospective PhD student will quantify how physiological responses of microbial taxa to warming will alter soil carbon cycling. Towards this end, he/she will make use of the iChip technology to isolate microbial taxa in their natural environment and develop new techniques to estimate their growth and turnover rates, enyzme activities and nutrient scavenging capabilities based on isotope labelling (qSIP and NanoSIMS) and next generation sequencing.
More detailed information can be found here.
Suervisors: Andreas Richter, Christina Kaiser
Deadline for Application: January 10th, 2020
The position will start March 2020, we will start screening applications for it in January 2020.