Open positions

OPEN PHD Position within the ERC Project Self-organisation of Microbial soil organic matter turnover

A  position is available in the research group of Christina Kaiser for a motivated PhD student interested in applying the framework of Complex Systems Science to Soil Microbial Ecology.

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Apply for a personal PhD or postdoc stipend to join TER!

We strongly encourage excellent candidates to look for external funding opportunities as shown but not limited to the options below. A personal stipend gives you independence by allocating your own research budget and travel funds. We will assist you to develop a joint research project and to apply for your own grant.

Please get in touch with the TER Group Leader whose team you want join with a brief project outline and CV for further discussion.

TER Group Leaders
Andreas Richter
Christina Kaiser
Wolfgang Wanek

List of selected PhD and Postdoc stipends (please check out other fellowship opportunities e.g. from your home country)


MSc Thesis at the Centre for Microbiology and Environmental Systems Science

Division TER (Ecosystem Research)

We are looking for a highly motivated Master’s student (‘Microbial Ecology’ or ‘Ecology and Ecosystems’) interested in exploring the effect of climate change (warming, elevated CO2, drought) on microbial growth and carbon cycling in soils. In their project, the prospective student will apply an innovative qSIP approach, i.e., quantitative Stable Isotope Probing, based on 18O-labelling of microbial DNA, to quantify growth of the active microbial community.

If you are interested, please contact us along with a CV no later than 14 September 2020.

Andreas Richter (
Jörg Schnecker (